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Back & Neck Specialist Physiotherapist in Brisbane

Are you looking for an experienced  Back & Neck Specialist Physiotherapist in Brisbane? We can help, and here is why, sometimes pain and disability, particularly neck and back pain, can be very complex. The pain may be arising out of a complicated mix of nerve, muscle and/or joint dysfunction and if it is chronic (ie greater than three months duration), can have significant psychological influences as well.  This type of problem requires a more expert approach to treatment and rehabilitation.

Just as in the medical field, where a GP will refer on to a specialist doctor for more expert care, the same is the case for physiotherapy.

A specialist physiotherapist will be able to more accurately diagnose a condition and be able to implement appropriate treatment and rehabilitation strategies to manage it.  Currently in Australia, there is only a handful of Specialist Physiotherapists.

Tony McNamee was admitted as a Fellow of the College of Physiotherapists (FACP), as a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist in 2007. At Physiotherapy Sports and Rehab Clinics he uses his expert clinical approach in the management of all musculo-skeletal injury but has a particular interest in chronic needs and back pain.

Specialist musculoskeletal care includes a comprehensive assessment of the sensory, motor, and psychological impairments associated with the problem.

Treatment consists of specific manual therapy techniques (including mobilisation and spinal manipulation), precise exercise prescription, normalisation of abnormal movement patterns, correction of postural abnormalities, and a variety of other modalities as required.

If your condition is a complex one, or you have had failed treatment elsewhere, then we recommend that you organise your appointment with Tony either at Ashgrove or Moorooka rooms.